Our Story:

2016 is a year that will live in infamy. Beloved celebrities passed away. The political landscape changed forever. Over 30 lesbian and bisexual characters were killed off of their television programs. And it’s still happening.

As sapphic women ourselves, the massacre of our favorite characters ( even characters who weren’t our favorites, but we were glad to have them there) cut deep. There aren’t that many women loving women in the media to begin with. When writers, en masse, decide to knock them all off for shock value, the result is devastating, even more so for younger women and women who are still in situations where their safety is at risk due to their sexuality.

While we can’t really do anything about that, the three of us– Ivy Quinn, Cassie Nova, and Midnight Voss– decided to do what we’re best at: Write weird fiction.

All three of us have at various times been involved in fandom writing, ghostwriting, journalism, and professional writing. We asked ourselves: We know the game. Why couldn’t we self-publish the stories we want to see out there? So a year later, and we’ve got a website as well as a publishing schedule. It won’t bring anyone back, pass any legislation, or make mainstream writers realize that bringing in a token to draw an audience and then killing that token for shock value doesn’t make them talented or revolutionary. It will, however, give us something to read.

We hope that you enjoy what we have to offer.

Additional Questions:

What kind of books do you publish?

Our books will fall into the paranormal romance genre, with varying levels of heat. All of us are committed to giving you both a good plot as well as a good love story.

More specifically from Ivy Quinn, you can expect mostly shifter tales, with some fairytale team-ups with Cassie Nova. From Cassie, fairytales and mermaid stories. From Midnight Voss, expect a mix of vampire stories, urban fantasy, and dystopian fiction.

Where can we buy your books?

We’ve decided to run our books at a variety of places. So they will be available via Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Google Play, and iBooks.

Do you review or promote other lesfic books?

While we do write about mainstream works (movies, shows, books from big presses), we don’t review other authors or do review exchanges. Sometimes, if we like a book organically, we’ll recommend it or you might see it on our Instagram. However, if you’re a fellow femslash writer, and you’d like to do a guest post or some other type of promotion on our site, please do contact us, and we can discuss it.

Is Your Collective Open for New Writers?

At this time, the writing team includes Ivy Quinn, Midnight Voss, and Cassie Nova only, but please check back with us periodically for any openings that may develop in our co-op/team.

How can I get an ARC?

If you review books on your blog or are a bookstagrammer, hit up our contact page or our email contact@sapphicalliancefiction.com¬†with your info and a link to your social media outlet so we can see if you’d be a good fit.