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Frozen Ashes and Smoldering Shards

Save the Eggs, Save the World

When skilled thief Minerva Reyes finds herself in possession of a strange artifact, her whole world changes. Dragons are real. Magic is everywhere. And there’s more at stake than avoiding the cops.

Teaming up with the towering beauty Saffyranae a.k.a. “Saff,” Minerva sets out to catch whoever has been stealing dragon eggs before the poor creatures inside perish without ever hatching.

When the unconstrained primal magic from the stolen eggs begins to leak, with the potential to contaminate everyone in their paths, the dire situation escalates. Fast. If Minerva and Saff can’t track down the thief and recover the eggs, the entire country—and likely beyond—will suffer madness and excruciating death.

Originally published for a limited run via the USA Today bestselling urban fantasy collection in Sirens & Scales. Currently unavailable, Ivy and Midnight will be revising and expanding this novel in anticipation for creating a trilogy!