4 Shows that Broke Our Gay Little Hearts (that We Otherwise Loved) 

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Television shows are homophobic. Water is wet.

Unfortunately, if our favorite shows allow LGBT characters a long and healthy life, they often still constantly make homophobic and transphobic jokes. It’s depressing and disheartening, especially when otherwise, it’s a show you dearly loved.

how gay
Vurry, vurry gay.

Below is a list of several shows that have captured our hearts… But then, they proceed to break them as the writers yuck it up at our expense.

Excluded from this list are gems like Glee (because I just don’t have the energy to list all of its flaws, although Kurt still owns my heart KURTSTAN4LYFE) and The Hundred and The Walking Dead (because you lose your place as favorite when your lesbians exist only to further the plot with their brutal deaths).

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Spoiler Alert: She Doesn’t Die by Cassie Nova

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I ask you, dear reader, is there anything riskier or more problematic than being a lesbian in this catastrophic political climate? Just one thing, and one thing only: Being a lesbian in the movies.

You see, cinematic lesbians have the overriding tendency to die by the last reel of their tragic romantic adventures; whether they commit suicide (as in The Children’s Hour), die from a mysterious illness (as in Fried Green Tomatoes), or get struck by a falling tree—ouch (as in The Fox)!

Precious and few are the lesbian films that come complete with happy and satisfying endings; but rest assured, fair Ladies, we do have in our cinematic canon just a few epics where she doesn’t die at the end!

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We’re excited to also be keeping our readers up-to-date weekly with things in queer women pop culture we love, books or movies we recommend, writing tips, and whatever sneak peeks we have available of our works in progress. Starting on Monday, July 31st, we’ll start with Ivy Quinn recounting her time at the 2017 Romance Writers of America Conference in Orlando, Florida.