4 Shows that Broke Our Gay Little Hearts (that We Otherwise Loved) 

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Television shows are homophobic. Water is wet.

Unfortunately, if our favorite shows allow LGBT characters a long and healthy life, they often still constantly make homophobic and transphobic jokes. It’s depressing and disheartening, especially when otherwise, it’s a show you dearly loved.

how gay
Vurry, vurry gay.

Below is a list of several shows that have captured our hearts… But then, they proceed to break them as the writers yuck it up at our expense.

Excluded from this list are gems like Glee (because I just don’t have the energy to list all of its flaws, although Kurt still owns my heart KURTSTAN4LYFE) and The Hundred and The Walking Dead (because you lose your place as favorite when your lesbians exist only to further the plot with their brutal deaths).

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Interview with Riley Parra Creator Geonn Cannon

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Last week we gave our overview of Riley Parra, the latest series over at Tello Films. Today, we have a special interview with the author of the original novel series who also writes for the show, Geonn Cannon.

riley parra season one book cover

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The Top Five White Canary/Sara Lance Episodes of Legends of Tomorrow

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Last week, Daniel Ryan Alarcon of The Mary Sue had an excellent piece about how the refocusing of Legends of Tomorrow’s second season around Sara Lance aka White Canary as its lead helped to vastly improve the show’s direction. I highly recommend it. It got me thinking about my favorite episodes so far of the show as far as Sara Lance was concerned. So here are my top five below.

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