Upcoming Titles

A Life UnchosenA Life Unchosen
Victoria Duvall never wanted this life. Bitten against her will, she struggles between understanding her new identity and finding a cure. Fleeing pressure to join in pride politics, Victoria finds herself in Nevada, where her problems only seem to multiply. Romance and danger surround her, offering paths of love and joy, or capture and perhaps, death.






A Heart UnclaimedA Heart Unclaimed
Always the panther, never the bride! Geena Marchand is a sunny shifter from New Orleans, and when she came up to Vegas to run the Blue Suede Wedding Chapel, she had high hopes. Unfortunately, being around weddings doesn’t mean ever experiencing romance yourself. That all changes, though, when a cynical woman on a motorcycle crashes into her life to be part of a wedding. And she comes with all kinds of trouble.






promo-ff-1As Sharp as Glass

The Foret-Noire looms behind us all, just beyond the edge of our vision. Waiting.

The forest took Ella’s mother when she was seven. It also took her humanity.  She survives on the blood of the farm animals and holds onto her love for her father to keep her sanity. Her stepmother Irina, however, is not so understanding. She loathes the creature in her house, whose true nature her husband kept from her well into their marriage. When Ella’s father passes, the girl becomes little more than a slave, at the mercy of Irina and her daughter and two sons. In a way, Ella feels she deserves the treatment. She is, after all, a monster. But she longs for her freedom, and there is a well-clad stranger who rides at night who has caught her eye. Tall, with flashing eyes and a regal countenance. How can Ella think of this woman as anything but charming?